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Autism – health disorder, which causes difficulty with perceiving the world, learning and communicating as well as social contacts. There is 20 000 children and 10 000 autistic adults in Poland.

Rain Man Home Foundation is a group of professionals and parents taking care of adults with autism. Our goal is to create a center of work, rehabilitation and living (a Farm) for 20 autistic adults as well as provide them with necessary means for the center to be operational.

During many years our efforts as parents of the autistic children, concentrated on diagnosis – which allowed to understand problems of our children (15 years ago autism was almost unknown subject in Poland and only a few people could identify it), and later finding right methods in treating the disease.  We used various therapies, and some of our children made a big progress in mental development. We also made many mistakes, using ineffective methods of treatment. Knowledge accumulated through our experience can work for next generations of the children with autism.

Our children will always need help and special care, but in the existing medical care centers oriented on the patients with social skills, ability to communicate, adults with autism stand no chance for living in dignity. We cannot allow for neglecting their lives, agreeing on strong dose drug treatment, which in long term equals slow death.

That is why we decided to create Rain Man Home Foundation, which aims at:

–    preparation of the program and rules for the adults with autism center (20 autistic adults), as well as  training for the future staff

–    purchasing land of 3 ha and construction of the center premises, purchasing necessary equipment for the center

–     running the center as a Non Profit community care center, with a possibility of permanent residence for the adults with autism (in accordance with social aid act), based on the examples of the such centers  (Farms) created in Europe

– active treatment, therapies, workshops of the autistic adults

Our Hope is that Rain Man Home Foundation gains your recognition. Our needs are without a doubt very big. Farm/ Center is created thanks to the common effort of parents, generous sponsors and people of a good will. We will be grateful for any help, which could bring us nearer our goal.

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