Home for Rain Man


Home for Rain Man is an iniative of the parents and friends of a group of adults with authism. This website was created by the brothers and sisters of the autistic persons, who want to help collect the money needed to build the Home. The fund raising started in 2005, after our parents established Home for Rain Man Foundation . All persons working at the Foundation do so on a voluntary basis. The money is collected through the donations of 1% of the income tax, as well as during charity concerts. This is however not enough.



Why are we doing this? Persons with authism will always need support and special care. In Poland, the sad truth is that normally the entire burden of taking care of autistic persons is with their parents without much, if any, support from the public institutions.
When the parents get too old for this 24/7 task (which is mentally, but often also physically, very demanding), the public system does not provide for a proper support. In public nursing homes, persons with authism do not have a chance for proper care respecting their dignity. Existing institutions are focused on supporting socially high functioning persons, who have the ability to communicate their needs in their daily life.
This is why we would like to build a Home specifically tailored to the needs of adults with autism, including those with more severe forms of autism.



The Home will provide accomodation as well as rehabilitation and care for its inhabitants. The Home will be accomodating 10 adult persons with autism, including: Mateusz (Mati), Radek, Marcin, Kasia, Ilona, Filip, Maciek, Janusz


What do we have so far?

8,4 ha (9,1 sq. feets) of farm land inKwieki (population 85), near the town of Czersk, near the woods of Bory Tucholskie, in the region of Pomerania

Electricity and water connections,

Blueprints of the Home,

small annual festivity, peaople who are waiting for the Home. The Home will support local community by providing jobs.

We are still colecting money for the construction. During last couple of years we have raised 400 thousand PLN (95 thousand EUR/ 118,5 thousand USD). To complete the construction we still need 1.5 million PLN (357 thousand EUR/ 445 thousand USD)


Help us to build a Home

Help us build a Home by donating any amount of money below:

– Wire the money on Foundation’s bank account 30 1050 1764 1000 0022 9906 6064 (with a comment: “Home”)